Chris Lam

Designer & Developer

  • I design, develop, and implement beautiful website experiences.
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Who am I?

I’m a web designer who lives in Denton, TX. I love working with local clients from the DFW area (Dallas, Ft. Worth, and the surrounding cities), but I’ve also worked on projects all over the country. I’ve been designing websites nearly all my life but doing the freelance thing for a few years now. My degrees, a Ph.D. in Technical Communication and a Master’s degree in Information Design, inform my design process.

I’ve been teaching undergrad/grad courses in web design, writing, editing, and other communication-related topics for over a decade. I have a real passion for creating beautiful things for the web.

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Why choose me?

Because my primary focus is YOU. If you’re looking for custom web design that’s not your typical cookie cutter “big box” site, I’m here for you. I’m a one-stop shop for your website needs including web design, web development, content writing, content strategy, and editing. I provide beautiful, professional, and creative designs without the hassle and cost of hiring a web design firm. I’ve served clients from all around the country– from DFW (Dallas/Ft.Worth) to California.

I keep current with web design trends. See my YouTube Channel where I’ve got more than 2k subscribers and 400k views because I create content that is current and valuable.

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What's in it for you?

  • Beautiful, custom websites delivered on Wordpress (No generic themes here!)
  • Responsive design optimized for all devices
  • Integration of social media into your website
  • Content development and consulting using both primary and secondary research approaches
  • Incredible customer service, website management, and maintenance (I answer emails fast--like really fast.)
  • Local knowledge of the Dallas/Ft.Worth area

Client Love

Justin Boggs, CEO, Scope.La

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Chris was a wonderful person to work with. He is rare in that he has both the ability to create great design and genuine technical writing talents.

Client Love

Daniel G., CEO, ImageSails

See the project
Top-notch! Savvy and extremely efficient. Well-versed with all issues encountered. Strong insight into web design and approach. Smooth communication. Highly recommended!

Client Love

Justin Boggs, CEO, Scope.La

See the project
You need to speak to the needs of your customer, which means translating the value of your software with persuasive content and technical writing. That is exactly what Chris was able to deliver.

Client Love

Justin Boggs, CEO, Scope.La

See the project
During the entire length of the project...I don't think an hour passed after any of my email communications before I was getting a response.

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