Industry: Manufacturing

Haltom Industries (Haltom City, TX)


The Challenge

Haltom Industries was in the middle of a brand refresh when they reached out to us. They had already hired a designer, but the designer did not specialize in web development. So, I was handed a design and asked to create an optimized WordPress theme based on the design that I was provided. The layouts in the this project were tricky with multiple modes of navigation, including a super cool wheel-based navigation.

Project Skills

web-development (2)
WordPress Theme Development
JavaScript Development
Mobile/Responsive Design

The Solution

After receiving the mockups, I ran through my typical development cycle. I built the website using a blank theme (underscores) and set up the theme to be easily updated by the client. Because the design was so intricate, I set up the theme to be less flexible for client. Instead, users can simply add in content without worrying too much about messing up page layouts or designs.


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